Greyhound Wagering


You can learn about the different parts of a greyhound race form here. Just take a look at the sample greyhound race form below.

Greyhound Race Program
Greyhound Form Program Sample

  1. Race Grade, according to USA Greyhound Grading System of A-B-C-D-E and M (Maiden). Tracks may also use AA as the top grade, or J (Juvenile). The letter T denotes a mixed-grade event. Stakes races prefix the letter S.

  2. Race Distance. USA tracks use either a Mile fraction (5-16, 3-8, or 7-16 of a Mile), or Feet, or Yards. The example shows a 550-yard Sprint race.

  3. Post Position and blanket color, for this greyhound.

  4. Breedline - Color and Gender of greyhound.

  5. Breedline - Whelping Date of greyhound.

  6. Breedline - Sire

  7. State Bred symbol may be given, after greyhound name.

  8. Breedline - Dam

  9. Established weight of greyhound (Set Weight). (M) if shown, denotes an over-age Maiden greyhound.

  10. Statistics - many tracks include dog's Best Time of current season, and High Grade/ Low Grade for season.

  11. Purse Earnings - for current season.

  12. Record Of Starts - for current season, and previous season. 2-letter Track Code, followed by the number of Starts, Wins, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th's.

  13. Power Rating - many tracks provide a number, higher is better.

  14. Past Performance Line: each Line begins with Date, and Performance A= Afternoon, E= Evening, M= Matinee, S= Schooling.

  15. Race Number of past performance.

  16. Race Distance of P.P.- given in /mile, or feet, or yards.

  17. Track Condition

  18. Time Of Winner

  19. Weight of greyhound on the track (Post Weight).

  20. Post Position or 'Box' number.

  21. Call at 'Off' position, or Break.

  22. Call at '1-8 Pole' position, or First Turn (top of backstretch). Lengths are given for leader.

  23. Call at 'Stretch' position, or Far Turn (top of Stretch). Lengths are given for leader.

  24. Finish Position, followed by Lengths ahead (winner) or Lengths behind the winner.

  25. Actual Running Time of greyhound.

  26. Odds To $1 for Offcial races (non-Schooling).

  27. Chartwriter's Comment - description of greyhound's race.

  28. Grade of this Line, according to Grading System.

  29. Top Three finishers, excluding this greyhound (Also Rans).

  30. Number of greyhounds competing in race.